Cactus Loving

My little cactus family were growing out of their teeny pots so I picked up some new ones from Petersham Nurseries and painted them different patterns in the garden last weekend. I'm really pleased with how they look, especially styled with a few treasures I picked up from the beach in Zanzibar last year.

I painted them all white then used a black Sharpie pen for the dots, a fine paintbrush for the dashes and stripes (keep the stripes one really dry for the effect I got) and then dipped the fourth one in duck egg blue.

5 Happy Things

Another round up of happy things for your Monday! Did you have a good weekend? Mine consisted of a lovely dinner out, followed by fun drinks out in Chelsea with some girlies. After dragging myself out of bed early the next morning and reviving myself with avocado toast, we had the best day apple picking in Kent at my grandparents'. More on this in a later post! Sunday was super chilled which was what I needed. 

Some happy things this week... 

1/ Moving my painting studio into the garden to make the most of the warm weather. 
2/ I made oat chocolate chip cookies and my amazing mum made jaffa cakes and they were all gone within 48 hours (!)
3/ Apple picking this past weekend. We somehow always manage to have perfect weather during this annual tradition
4/ My friend and I ran 17km last weekend in Richmond Park and I'm so proud of us. It was a crisp, cool, and sunny Autumn morning and the water fountains dotted around the park make it the perfect place for long runs
5/ I LOVE the colour of these roses that were in the kitchen at work this week. I've never seen this colour before and it looks so nice against the dark green leaves

What are the little things that have made your day recently? 

Have a relaxing weekend

Happy Friday! I've been pretty under the weather this week and I think it's from trying to do too much. Since having a full time job, time just speeds past. I'm very aware that most people work full time, I just need to work out my own time management! I've been trying to squeeze too many things (social life/ exercising/ blogging/ designing) into my evenings and not getting enough sleep. So I think my body was telling me to stop for a moment, and I ended up spending Wednesday in my pjs working from bed with a box of tissues, bottle of Olbus Oil, and a mug of hot honey and lemon (oh and a Magnum ice cream of course). All social plans were cancelled after Tuesday this week and it's been quite nice to hide under my duvet and catch up on reading for once (I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love and really enjoying it so far).

With a bit of free time nursing my cold in the evenings, I've spent a bit of time blog reading and pinning. Some of my favourite posts and links this week...

1. Sophie has been sharing her wedding photos with a 'Wedding Week' and it looks so beautiful! Her dress! Those bridesmaids dresses! The decor... 
2. Karine's inspiration for decorating a flatshare on a budget. I wish I'd seen this post when I was at uni.
3. This super cute video of the effects a bouquet of flowers have, very Amelie-esque. (Spotted via Cider with Rosie)
4. My Autumn wardrobe is lacking slightly. I've ordered this dress and I'm eyeing up these boots and these boots...
5. I'm tempted to get my DIY on and make a zip sweater. I especially love the first one and the navy one.

What are you up to this weekend? I'm off apple picking tomorrow with my family to make cider, juice, and many more apple related things. If you have any amazing apple recipes to recommend, please share! Apart from that I've cancelled my nights out in favour of recovering, sad times. But it will be good to get lots of rest. I might go sock shopping too, is that a thing?

Have a good one x

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Homemade London

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by the lovely Nancy (who I met through blogging) to spend an evening at Homemade London. I brought my friend Hannah along for a fun evening of card embossing, flower making, perfume mixing, and napkin printing. Along with some amazing cocktails and beautiful snacks (meringues, strawberries and cream in teacups!), it was a lovely way to spend an evening after work chatting and crafting away.

I sadly missed the beginning of the session as I was running late after work, but I got settled into the start of the perfume making. I thoroughly enjoyed this as I'd never done it before. We spoke about top, middle, and base notes, and passed around the various scents, seeing how different they smelt on each person. I chose to make a perfume called 'Pick Me Up' which was light and Summery, with 3 drops of Geranium and 2 drops of Mandarin mixed into odorless coconut oil.

I would definitely look into the workshops for a fun hen party activity (they teach everything from lingerie making to candle making!) and it is such a beautiful and creative space to be in as well. x

A LIST: First Day of Autumn

Happy first day of Autumn! It's been a gentle ease into Autumn so far here in London. The days are mild and muggy but the rust coloured leaves are starting to fall, and the days are shortening. This past Saturday it was so nice being able to enjoy a warming coffee and breakfast (Eggs Royale, hello) by the River Thames in the open air. We went for a wander along the water afterwards and it made me almost excited for Autumn. I'm refusing to wear a proper coat until October, so I'm sticking to lightweight jackets for now. This one from Uni Qlo is uber light and I love it (I actually stole it from my mum but I'm planning on getting my own ;)

I've made a list of little things to get me excited about Autumn/ Winter (if you read this blog regularly, you'll know that I'm very much a Summer girl, so I'm trying very hard to stay positive about this coming season!) ...

1. I'd like to go on a Winter picnic like Tania's post here. All you need is a flask of hot soup, a blanket and a warm scarf to wrap yourself up in! I loved Rosie's country walk with a thermos of hot chocolate post here as well. Such a lovely idea.

2. Downton Abbey on a Sunday night.  Enough said. 

3. My family's annual apple picking and cider making at my Grandparents' home in Kent. It isn't really Autumn until we've taken part in this tradition. Here is apple picking in 2009, 2012 and 2013. I can't wait to eat variations of apple crumble for weeks on end as we try and get rid of the overload of apples!

4. I'd love to take a visit to Hackney City Farm to see all of the animals this Autumn. It looks too cute!

5. Booking a few weekend trips. I've just booked a trip to Glasgow to visit friends (first time in Scotland eek). Do you have any recommendations? I also plan to visit a few uni friends around the country if I can.

6. Cosy movie nights. I discovered THE most ridiculous and delicious thing - crispy bacon and maple syrup popcorn. It's like a party in your mouth. I visited the most adorable Olympic cinema in Barnes the other day with plush red velvet seats and a wine bar. I can't wait to go back and maybe see Gone Girl :)

7. Autumn Walks. I've never been to Parliament Hill and I've heard there are beautiful views of London from there.

8. Making pimped hot chocolates. Like Oliva's Mexican take on it, and Rosie's salted caramel.

Anymore ideas? Basically I want to live in my Hunters and a tartan blanket and skip around the leaves with a hot beverage. Check out my new Autumn/ Winter Pinterest board. Also do you have Instagram? I'm a little bit obsessed, come and say hi here.

I'd Like to Live Here

Happy Sunday evening! Have you had a good weekend? I am sitting on my bed after consuming an amazing Sunday roast with my family, and waiting for the new series of Downton Abbey to start! Oh my goodness I'm excited :) 

Here is another collection of spaces from different homes that I would love to bring together. I've realised that I truly do love white as a backdrop. It's just so refreshing. I discovered this week that the plant in the left of the last photo is called a cheese plant - how amazing! This name makes me happy. 

I included this workspace after coming across the lovely work and blog of Rachel here. Hasn't she got the most gorgeous clean workspace? It would be like working in a jungle! 

Giant mirrors to reflect natural light
Ethnic rugs
Collected objects
Natural woven baskets
Monochrome stripes
Exposed bricks
Kilner jars and colourful cookbooks
Concrete bathroom floor
Cheese plants!


Betty and Walter Origami Workshop at Smug

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky to be invited to Smug, the most beautiful shop selling gorgeous home and lifestyle accessories in Camden Passage, Islington. This shop is completely up my street, honestly everywhere I looked I wanted to buy something! The cafe downstairs is also the perfect place to stop for a delicious homemade treat whilst shopping. 

Before the workshop upstairs, we were led through Betty & Walter's gorgeous print collection by Lisa Levis (nee Stickley) whose work I have been a fan of for years. In fact it turns out she used to lecture at Bath School of Art and Design before I started there! Lisa starts off her collections with hand drawing, which I love the feel of, before working through them on the computer. 

With a glass of Pimms in our hands, we were taught how to make gorgeous garlands by Esther of Origami-est. I usually get confused following origami guides on my own so it was a lot easier being taught by Esther (who runs workshops regularly), and once I'd done a couple of the shapes I just about got the hang of it. I can't wait to make these in festive papers for my Christmas tree this year. 


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