Snugg iPhone 4 Leather Case

Snugg always seem to read my mind. They happened to contact me when I got my iPad Mini back in June, and last month I bought myself an iPhone and sure enough, there was an email in my inbox a few days later offering to send me another case to try out. I love my leather iPad case so I said yes please, and went for the black leather again. 

I love the quality of Snugg products. Lovely leather with a soft nubuck lining. I used to chuck my Blackberry around (partly secretly hoping it would break so I could get a new phone. That never happened but I got a new one anyway), though I have been trying to be more careful with my iPhone. This pouch means I don't have to worry too much about that.

I'm going to be honest though. This is not ideal for your phone if you're like me and are whipping it out of your handbag every 10 minutes. This is because to pop your iPhone out of the pouch, you need to pull this tab, which is a bit annoying. 

However I find it perfect for when I'm on the go and want to protect my phone. It is ideal for taking to the gym or going on runs, because you can still easily listen to music and it doesn't matter so much if you drop it. I also use it when I chuck my phone in my backpack and cycle to work. Also on nights out, ahem.

So I'm still getting lots of use out of it. Thank you Snugg :) I'm still a fan.

Thank you to Snugg for this iPhone pouch.

Fabric Covered Easter Eggs

Just a reminder of a little idea/ tutorial that I put together for Liberty London last Spring. A lovely and inexpensive way to decorate your home during Easter, or jazz up the Easter egg hunt for the kiddies. Cover chocolate eggs in any lovely patterned scraps of fabric that you have (I used Liberty fabric) and tie with some twine to create the prettiest eggs. Go here to see the full post.
Happy Easter!

#100happydays {An Update}

So I am halfway through 100 Happy Days! For those who don't know, it's a little project which aims to helps us appreciate the moment we are in during our busy life schedules. You take photos of something which has made you happy each day and post on Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter.

Wow 50 days speeds past (plus I missed a couple of days here and there so it's been even longer). I wouldn't say that it made me happier, but it definitely helped me to appreciate the little things and get me through each day, especially back in February/ March. If I reached the end of the day and realised that nothing stuck out during that day which had made me happy, I made sure I made myself a hot chocolate, phoned a friend for a chat, or watched an episode of Girls as a little treat. 

Recently I've not been so good at remembering to photograph something each day, and it's become more of a chore. However I'm not one to quit a project before I finish it, so I'm just going to be more relaxed about posting and just do it on the days when I want to.

I recommend this project - it helped me to slow down, be more thoughtful, and work out what makes my day a bit brighter! 

Gym Picks

For the first time in my life I'm actually enjoying exercising! And that means getting into it for more than a month at a time. I joined the gym in December and did my first 10K run a month ago. My sister is back from uni for Easter and she has been taking me through all sorts of killer work outs. I've treated myself to a few new fitness items here and there, including some colourful Asics trainers and some bits from GapFit (fave exercise clothes for sure). These are on my wishlist... 

* H&M sports bra
* Sweaty Betty dumbells for those arms! 
* The cutest water bottle you ever did see from bkr
* Gap leggings are seriously the most comfortable
* I'm an Asics lover. The gel ones are super bouncy

Do you enjoy working out? I started off in the gym but I'm loving running and working out outside now that the weather is so beautiful. x

Trend | Pineapples in Interiors

Just something I noticed recently on Pinterest... pineapples! And not just in design (though I have noticed some awesome pineapple wallpaper/ tshirts) but just as accessories. And why not? Lovely little vignettes/ styled spaces... with a pineapple. I think it's pretty hilarious and cool, and very summery! What do you think? Ready to plonk a pineapple on your bedside table yet?

I remember making a funky pineapple paper sculpture for an art project at school when I was 14. I was totes nearly a decade ahead of this trend, right?

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My eBay Collections

Before learning about eBay Collections I never particularly thought of looking on eBay for homeware. It was more when I wanted a product that had been discontinued, or a second hand phone. But when I started putting together my collections I realised what I'd been missing out on! Endless beautiful products, and eBay have created the perfect place to put together your own creative moodboards, and follow others to get ideas.

You could put together outfits, packing essentials for a holiday... or of course interiors. The collections would be ideal if you were putting together a theme for a room, sourcing your products, and seeing how they would fit together. Adding a product to a collection is as easy as pressing a button.

Of course I created my own little room spaces  - I wish I was actually planning on creating a home here based on this, but I'll just have to dream for now!  An Inspirational Workspace, Sunny Kitchen, Home Fitness Gym, and Children's Woodland Room are some of my favourites. With a little description and a vague theme running through each of them, I hope to inspire my eBay Collection followers for interior decorating ideas.

The workspace in particular is exactly how I'd like my creative space to be - a mid-century desk, some colourful artwork, corkboard for pinning inspiration, a colourful chair, and some beautiful stationary. Of course I had to have a cactus in there.

Follow my collections over here, and let me know if you are creating your own! 

Sponsored Post: In partnership with eBay

Late Night Sewing

I had my designs printed on some gorgeous linen, and have started sewing some products from them. I find an evening on the sewing machine so relaxing, with a bit of music and Galaxy chocolate to keep me going! 

Stay tuned to be able to buy these online soon! 

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