Betty and Walter Origami Workshop at Smug

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky to be invited to Smug, the most beautiful shop selling gorgeous home and lifestyle accessories in Camden Passage, Islington. This shop is completely up my street, honestly everywhere I looked I wanted to buy something! The cafe downstairs is also the perfect place to stop for a delicious homemade treat whilst shopping. 

Before the workshop upstairs, we were led through Betty & Walter's gorgeous print collection by Lisa Levis (nee Stickley) whose work I have been a fan of for years. In fact it turns out she used to lecture at Bath School of Art and Design before I started there! Lisa starts off her collections with hand drawing, which I love the feel of, before working through them on the computer. 

With a glass of Pimms in our hands, we were taught how to make gorgeous garlands by Esther of Origami-est. I usually get confused following origami guides on my own so it was a lot easier being taught by Esther (who runs workshops regularly), and once I'd done a couple of the shapes I just about got the hang of it. I can't wait to make these in festive papers for my Christmas tree this year. 

5 Happy Things

I love picking out the small, everyday parts of life that add up to make us happy. Sometimes it isn't the big events or days out that cheer us up day to day, but the small things like what you had for breakfast or a quote you saw online. So I've decided I'm going to make this a regular series on a Monday, because when else do we all need cheering up more than on a Monday?!

So recently these things are making me happy... 

1/ Hege's styling of my CACTUS PRINT in her beautiful grey bedroom
2/ I kind of wanted this to be my kitchen, spotted at Top Drawer this past weekend
3/ Baking Hemsley Hemsley black bean brownies on Sunday. Wow these are good, and grain and refined sugar free. (Also - I fell off the chair I was precariously standing on right after I took this photo. I squished a brownie and my leg but it was pretty funny). 
4/ My fab new Betty and Walter bag from the lovely Lisa Levis
5/ These dotty H&M slippers are my favourite Autumn shoes right now. I need to go and get myself another pair.

What has made you happy this week? I am getting back into working out at a park boot camp, and I'm looking forward to my first Burger & Lobster tomorrow (it's all about the balance people). 

I Love Linen

Throughout my textile degree at Bath School of Art and Design, we were encouraged to experiment on as many different fabrics as possible. Natural ones, synthetic, heavy, and light ones. However I always came back to linen - I love the texture of it and its organic feel. So my whole final collection ended up being printed on linen! For Christmas this year I received a beautiful set of grey linen bedsheets and now I'm hooked. It reminds me of sleeping in the sunny South of France, where linen bedsheets are the norm.

I came across I Love Linen recently, a shop selling only good quality linen bed sheets all designed by Australia-baesd Lauren Roe, who describes herself as a 'linen expert'. I love the way there are the gorgeous classic French linen sheets in neutral colours, and then a modern twist on these with bold patterns and colours to mix and match with. I am seriously eyeing up that pineapple pattern and I want all of the fun, tropical themed cushions to pair with a toned down duvet cover. The collection has a light hearted, holiday feel whilst retaining the high quality. Definitely adding these to my wishlist.

Holding onto Summer

The coats are in the shops, Pinterest is full of pumpkin pie recipes, and the weather is cooling down, but I'm digging my heels in. We've had a few sunny evenings this week and I've been trying to make the most of the last warm days. Here are a few ways I've been clinging onto Summer...

I became quite obsessed with scented candles over the past year and Yankee Candles have some gorgeous Summer smells like this 'Waikiki Melon' so I pretend I'm in Hawaii whilst I'm winding down in the evening. I don't usually go for coloured/ fruity candles but this feels so Summery.

Listening to upbeat music from my Ibiza holiday playlist whilst I'm getting ready in the morning (THIS song will always remind me of Summer 2014).

Eating outside (and drinking rose wine). We found a fire pit in a wood this week and it's been perfect to warm our toes during cooler evenings in the garden.

Sprinkling essential oil from Provence, France on my pillow. Just before we left France, our friend who is a yoga teacher gave my sister, Mum and I a wonderful relaxing yoga session. She sprinkled this Provence lavender oil on our hands and now it will always remind me of doing yoga on that warm day, overlooking the sunflower fields. Aromatherapy candles are another way to relax in the evening.

Eating all of the Summery foods. I ate most of a whole pineapple this weekend. Sadly I do not have a pool to dip my toes in whilst eating breakfast at the moment.

What is your favourite season? I'm planning a couple of weekend breaks in the UK over the next couple of months before it gets super cold. I can't wait to go on country walks, have beach bonfires and pub lunches. There are some good parts about Autumn ;)


Last week I did something I never expected to do - I learnt to write in coffee! To celebrate the launch of their new coffee machines, the Jovia and Oblo machines, Nescafe Dolce Gusto invited us to learn calligraphy with Lamplighter London

Tracing the letters carefully took me back to being at primary school :) I've always wanted to learn calligraphy, and as you can tell from my attempt at writing my name below, I don't think I've mastered it quite yet! Though maybe I should give it a go with ink rather than coffee next time... 

This week I've been trying out my new Jovia machine in the mornings. Like a lot of people I'm usually running late in the mornings, so popping a pod in whilst I throw together a salad for lunch is pretty ideal. I usually stick to decaff coffee as caffeine sometimes makes me feel shaky (ha) but I've been trying a few different flavours including this chocolate caramel drink YUM. Hot drinks might become more of a habit since the weather is getting colder... boo.

Just popping in to say...

... I know I've been a terrible blogger! I just checked and realised that I'd unintentionally taken a month off blogging. Though when I get home from work and it's warm and sunny outside and I'm catching up with friends, life comes first and blogging always comes second. Sorry, lil blawg.

I feel like I've fully embraced this Summer and it's been a good one! Cycling to work everyday, adventuring in Ibiza, France and Cornwall, living in denim cut-offs, drinking iced coffee, running along the Thames while the sun sets. I have loads of blog posts planned in my head, but for now here are some random Summery photos plucked from my Instagram

1. Cacti window box in Kensington
2. Mini city meadow in Fulham
3. My Summer uniform (shorts from here, tshirt from here)
4. Iced coffee on a hot day
5. Rooftops in Toulouse, France (more on this later)
6. Popping into beautiful Petersham Nurseries for a coffee
7. Packing up the CACTUS PRINT to ship around the world!
8. My trusty wheels
9. Running along the Thames in Battersea (hashtag no filter!)

How has your Summer been? I'm clinging onto the last shreds of warm weather and making the most of wearing no tights!


I'd Like to Live Here

These spaces are all from different homes but I like to think they go pretty well together, don't you? I'm thinking this would make one dreamy apartment.

Neutral walls
Natural light
Cacti everywhere
Patterned monochrome rugs
Beautiful tiles
Organised kitchen shelves
(and a pale blue kitchen aid!)
Lots and lots of books

 Images via: 1. Vontrueba 2. Love by Serena 3. Happy Interior Blog 4. My Scandinavian Home 5. Look Linger Love 6. My Name is Yeh 7. Rugdots 8. Coffee Klatch 9. unknown?

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